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About Us

The Collective is a membership concept that encompasses a whole lifestyle. This lifestyle in particular is one based on health, leisure, and enjoying the simple things that we often take for granted. We hope to deepen your interest in wholesome & high quality grocery products that have a serious skill & passion behind them. ​

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Our Vision

The Collective is at its humble beginnings, but we plan to offer a whole membership to the public. The Collective is for singles, couples, families of 3, to families of 10. All are welcome, and we encourage everyone to take part in healthy living, and caring for the things that allow us as humans to thrive.

Think of a membership to a country club. When you sign up to be a member of a country club, you have many many things that you are able to do around that country club. You can play tennis, work out, swim, do yoga, spend the day there to relax, study, unwind at the spa, stop for a bite to eat at the café, attend social events, parties, and most importantly, belong to a community who you fit right in with. We took the same model, and turned it into a lifestyle which promotes similar health factors.

For this membership, we envision offering the following perks & benefits. A membership card that provides discounts when shopping our products, fresh & organic veggies, premium quality meats, pre-prepped meals with our fresh foods, local specialty food products, artisanal food products, necessities & health products around the house (toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), ability to visit The Garden, The Butcher, and The Farm when you please, first access to exclusive products, events, classes, and updates, and clothing/apparel to represent your lifestyle! This is what we envision The Collective to grow into! Stay tuned for more updates!

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Our Facilities

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