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Wagyu Ribeye

16 ounces of American Wagyu Ribeye 


American Wagyu is produced from a corss between Japanese Wagyu and traditional American cattle breeds. It is revered for its abundant marbling and decadent flavor. It is a true joy to experience the versatility and unique flavors of American Wagyu. Pasture raised, grain finished. Raised in Central Wisconsin (The Farm at Arrow Lane and Baycroft Wagyu)


Known for its rich, buttery flavor and tender texture, the Ribeye is prime cut of meat. Carved from the rib section of a cow, this section of meat naturally collects more intramuscular fat, creating a beautiful marbling of flavorful fat. 


If the ribeye is the king of marbling among steaks, wagyu beef is the king of marbling among all beef. So it stands to reason that the Wagyu Ribeye is the ultimate steak lover's steak! 

Wagyu Ribeye

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