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The Collective is a modernized co-op focused on thoughtful community building and efficient living while supporting local businesses. Members of The Collective have exclusive access to properties, products, perks, parties, and much more from the businesses that make up The Collective. The purpose of The Collective is to offer an affordable lifestyle that promotes prosperity, health, wellness, community, newfound passions, joy, and gratitude. 


Naturally Grown Products


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The Make-Up of The Collective
The Make-Up of The Collective


The Garden in Neenah

The old "Pansies." A beautiful property historic to Neenah. On the property we have a storefront, greenhouses, market gardens, beautiful landscape, and a pottery studio. All of these different identities on the property offer something wonderful. Whether its organically grown veggies, a wedding, firing painted pottery, or shopping from our carefully sourced goods, there is always something going on in our hidden gem on Cecil Street, Neenah.


The Farm at Arrow Lane

A beautiful 160 acre farm located in Fremont which is always busy with cows, horses, chickens, sheep, and more! On the farm there are two artesian wells which will be supplying glass bottled water for every member that signs up! The Farm is where pizza events, farm to tables, and different animal happenings such as lambing will take place!


The Butcher in Pine River

A butcher shop located in Pine River with the capabilities of providing high quality, humanely raised, local beef and pork. Popular products like bacon, snack sticks, burgers, brats, and more will be produced here! Animals from The Farm are also processed here. We are included in the process from start to finish to ensure quality practices and even higher quality products!


Chanticleer Inn, Eagle River

The historic Chanticleer Inn is located on the Eagle Chain of 28 lakes. There are multiple villas for lodging to soak in a summer vacation full of the suns warmth and beautiful views of the sunset. With a supper club, beer garden, and so much more to offer, the Chanticleer Inn is the place to be in the summer.

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