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Focus on Fresh

What is The Collective?

The Collective is a Co-op that encompasses a select few companies to create a premium one stop shop for all things healthy & authentic in the food world. We aim for The Collective to be a membership program in the near future! The membership program will include supplementation of organically harvested grocery items, pre-prepped meal plans from a legendary chef, and other perks and benefits from all the businesses that this Collective sums up.

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Subscription Boxes

Assorted, fresh vegetables and meats delivered to your door each and every month. 


Organic Vegetables

A variety of colorful vegetables that pair with any meal.


Premium Quality Meat

Custom processed meat for local farmers from The Butcher.

Organic Practices

Both The Butcher and The Garden use organic and humane practices in order to create the best and healthiest products to be made readily available to the public. Doing things the right way is top priority. For the sake of the beauty of mother nature, as well as the roaming animals that bask in all her glory.

Exceptional Craft

In each venture, the people making things run smoothly, have years of experience and skill under their belt. All the while, constantly learning and researching their passion to revolutionize the expertise.

Curated for Customers

Our main focus through creating The Collective, was to cultivate the best customer experience. We plan on making grocery shopping much more convenient and enjoyable through offering all necessary food products, as well as artisanal products that are not offered at your everyday supermarket.

Featured Products

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"High quality meats & fine veggies! Everything I needed to make my favorite dish!"


So excited for our dinner tonight! All yumminess from The Garden and our own garden!


"Organically grown goodness! Finally produce I can trust!"


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